The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (2023)

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 not only has an inventory of weapons, but also provides these skills that help the player during fights.

These skills are to assist the player in a variety of ways, whether it be assault, protection, or healing.

There are eight skills that one can choose from, and while they are all valuable, there are a few that will help the player more than others.

Trying out all of the skills is a great way to get the hang of them and seeing which one fits your gaming experience.

Here are the skills from most reliable to easily skippable.

1. Drone

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (1)

The drone in The Division 2 is a formidable skill that is probably one of the most beneficial skills that a player can have.

It is mostly automatic save for when the player wants to target an enemy.

It is important to keep an eye on this guy if you want to get the most out of it because if it’s out of your sight for too long, it can be subjected to heavy bombardment.

What's Awesome About Drone:

  • Weapon damage.
  • Wide-spread damage.
  • Targeting system.
  • Capacity to heal, protect, and/or assault.

Drone Description:


  • “A combat drone that has a turret to deal continuous damage on enemies. It can receive orders to attack specific targets.”


  • “Defense drone that deflects incoming bullets with microwave bursts, almost like an invisible barrier. Can be used to guard teammates or friendly skill items.”


  • “Capable of flying at high-altitudes, this drone can spot hostiles and highlight their locations.”
  • Specialist Skill for Sharpshooter Specialization.


  • “Drone that can drop bombs in a long area. Players can assign its drop zone and can strafe over said zone from one end to the other.”


  • “Defensive drone that can repair armor over time when deployed. Used to repair own armor or can be assigned to a teammate to do repairs on their armor.”

2. Turret

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (2)

Another great partner in crime, the turret.

It can be used in numerous different ways, as well as a sniper.

Iif the player wants to get up close and personal with some enemies, you can have this toy in the back sniping a few that may get too close.

What's Awesome About Turret:

  • Weapon Damage.
  • Health.
  • Targeting system.

Turret Description:


  • “Has a machine gun turret that can fire in 360-degree rotations. In combat, it fires towards the closest target. Out of combat, players need to assign its target.”


  • “This turret has an incendiary tank that blows a cone of fire to deal area-of-effect damage. This can be turned on and off when deployed on the field.”


  • “Launches exploding shells in an arc towards a target position.”
  • *Specialist Skill for Demolitionist Specialization.


  • “Turret that deals damage in long-range. It is semi-automatic and can adjust its aim according to your own aim on your target.”

3. Seeker Mine

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (3)

The seeker mine skill is an intense skill to have and can be reliable as the turret and drone.

As automatic as the two above, the seeker mine does just that, seeks out enemies.

What's Awesome About Seeker:

  • Explosive damage.
  • Health.
  • Wide-spread assault.
  • Mulit-kill advantage.

Seeker Description:


  • “Mine that chases its target and detonates with a big explosion. It has an explosion delay so it can be easily evaded.”


  • “Moves to the designated area and explodes in the air at the enemy's head height to deal massive damage.”


  • “Mine that sends out repair chemicals that repair your armor or that of your ally's.”
  • *Specialist Skill for Survivalist Specialization.


  • “Contains smaller mines that propel themselves towards their target. Smaller mines cannot follow their target and should be launched when the target is stationary.”

5. Hive

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (4)

The hive is a micro-drone skill that behaves like the turret in which it will deploy every time an enemy comes close.

It has many variants, one of which has the capacity to heal the player and others.

What's Awesome About Hive:

  • Targeting system.
  • Co-op advantages.

Hive Description:


  • “Swarm of micro-drones that inflict damage on targets once in range. They target weak spots for faster, more efficient kills.”


  • “Deploys micro-repair drones when missing armor is detected on a friendly target. This repairs an amount of armor when drones hit the target.”


  • “A micro-drone sent out per friendly target that boosts stats such as weapon handling, movement, and other physical capabilities.”


  • “Has the capacity to revive downed allies within its range. Can automatically revive but also manually instructed to hold to recover more health & armor on downed teammate.”

5. Chem Launcher

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (5)

The chem launcher is a skill that has the ability to launch specified material at enemies.

The material ranges from an explosive, flammable canister to projectiles that repair armor.

What's Awesome About Chem Launcher:

  • Regenerative health.
  • Targeting system.
  • Explosive damage.

Chem Launcher Description:


  • “A canister that sends out flammable, near-invisible gas clouds that can be ignited with any spark & cause powerful explosions.”

Riot Foam

  • “A canister that fires a sticky, heavy, rapidly-expanding riot control foam that can make anyone hit by it stuck. Destroy the foam to break free.”


  • “Emits a cloud of corrosive chemicals that can damage armor and items over a period of time.”


  • “Fires projectiles that disperses armor repairing clouds, allowing you to heal yourself & teammates over time.”

6. Pulse

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (6)

This skill is very useful in cases of stealth and farming.

If one were trying to make sure not to run directly into enemies, this skill would be beneficial for them.

It helps players find loot by marking them brightly for the player in an otherwise hard-to-see environment, especially at night.

What's Awesome About Pulse:

  • Increases Range
  • Reduces Cooldown
  • Marks all lootable containers in Pulse's range

Pulse Description:


  • “Scans the surroundings for hostiles and marks them with a visual highlight. Some talents can trigger when marked enemies are shot.”

Remote Sensor

  • “A throwable version of the Pulse - it continuously scans the location it is thrown to. However, enemies can destroy it if found.”


  • “Acts as an EMP that can disrupt an enemy's electronics and skills. Pressing and holding the skill will give it a larger radius.”

7. Firefly

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (7)

Firefly allows you to aim at your targets, gliding by them to release explosions, flashes to cripple enemies in the vicinity.

This skill works to destroy enemy weak points in one variant and then tag enemies with shrapnel to pass onto other enemies that have been targeted.

What's Awesome About Firefly:

  • Health.
  • PVP damage.
  • Speed.

Firefly Description:


  • “Flashes targeted enemies, blinding them and rendering them useless in combat.”


  • “Can destroy enemy weak points, skill proxies, and environmental objects caught in the blast.”


  • “Tags enemies with shrapnel that can pass onto other targets that can cause explosions when enemies come too close to each other.”

8. Shield

The Division 2: Skills From Best to Worst (8)

The shield skill is mostly used by players who either enjoy using shotguns, utilize the small melee in the game, or who find themselves overwhelmed by enemies that like to run upon you.

Although it can be broken down over time, the shield can be quite useless in those last-minute opportunities to protect yourself.

The shield can also help in those moments when one is trying out sidearms like the exotic pistol, Liberty.

What's Awesome About Shield :

  • Health.
  • Active regeneration.
  • It provides armor for melee and sidearm attacks.

Shield Description:

Ballistic Bulwark

  • “Provides full-body coverage for Agents. When equipped, sidearms are the only weapons that can be used.”


  • “Lighter than the Ballistic Bulward, the Crusader shield exposes the player's arms and head. Primary weapons can be used save for LMBs and sniper Marksman rifles.”


  • “Only side arms can be used with this shield. Can deflect incoming bullets that ricochet towards targets that are within the player's line of sight.”

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