IC-7300 : Amateur Radio (Ham) Base Stations (2023)

IC-7300 : Amateur Radio (Ham) Base Stations (1)

IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz Transceiver

The IC-7300 is a revolutionary compact radio that will excite HF operators from beginners to experts. This new model has a high-performance real-time spectrum scope and employs a new RF direct sampling system. The IC-7300’s real-time spectrum scope provides top-level performance in resolution, sweep speed and dynamic range. While listening to received audio, the operator can check the real-time spectrum scope and quickly move to the intended signal. The combination of the real-time spectrum scope and waterfall function improves the quality and efficiency of HF operation.

The new RF direct sampling system employed by the IC-7300 realises class leading RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) and Phase Noise characteristics. In addition, the IC-7300 features the 70MHz band (European versions only), a large touch screen colour TFT LCD, convenient multi-function dial knob, automatic antenna tuner, voice recorder function and more.

Class Leading Real-Time Spectrum Scope
You no longer have to choose whether to listen to the audio or have the spectrum scope sweep for signals as the IC-7300’s real-time spectrum scope offers the simultaneous operations found in higher tier models. This means you can use either the spectrum scope or the waterfall to quickly move to an intended signal while listening to the receiver audio. The IC-7300’s touch screen introduces a “Magnify” function. So, when you first touch the scope screen around the intended signal, the touched part is magnified. A second touch of the scope screen changes the operating frequency and allows you to accurately tune.

High-Resolution Waterfall Function
The combination of the waterfall function and the real-time spectrum scope assists in maximum receive performance of the IC-7300 and increases QSO opportunities without missing weak signals. The waterfall function shows a change of signal strength over a period of time and allows you to find weak signals that may not be apparent on the spectrum scope.

(Video) Is This The Best Premium HAM Radio Base Station? ICOM 7300 Honest Review

Audio Scope Function
The audio scope function can be used to observe various AF characteristics such as microphone compressor level, filter width, notch filter width and keying waveform in the CW mode. Either the transmit or receive audio can be displayed on the FFT scope with the waterfall function and the oscilloscope.

RF Direct Sampling System
The IC-7300 employs an RF direct sampling system. RF signals are directly converted to digital data and processed in the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array), making it possible to simplify the circuit construction. This system is a leading technology making an epoch in amateur radio.

New “IP+” Function
The new “IP+” function improves 3rd order intercept point (IP3) performance. When a weak signal is received adjacent to strong interference, the AD converter is optimized against signal distortion.

Class Leading RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) & Phase Noise Characteristics
The IC-7300’s RMDR is improved to about 97dB* (typical value) and Phase Noise characteristics are improved about 15dB (at 1 kHz frequency separation) compared to the IC-7200. The superior Phase Noise characteristics reduce noise components in both receive and transmit signals.
* At 1 kHz frequency separation (received frequency: 14.2MHz, MODE: CW, IF BW: 500Hz)

Large Touch Screen Colour TFT LCD
The large 4.3 inch colour TFT touch LCD offers intuitive operation. Using the software keypad of the touch screen, you can easily set various functions and edit memory contents.

Multi-Dial Knob for Smooth Operation
The combination of the multi-dial knob and the touch screen offers quick and smooth operation. When you push the multi-dial knob, menu items are shown on the right side of the display. You can select an item with a touch of the screen and adjust levels by turning the multi-dial knob.

SD Memory Card Slot for Saving Data
The IC-7300 can store various contents into SD card such as received and transmitted audio, voice memories, RTTY/CW memories, RTTY decode logs and captured screen images. Personal and firmware updating data can also be stored to the SD card for easy setting.

(Video) How the Icom IC 7300 is Disrupting the Used Ham Radio Market

15 Discrete Band-Pass Filters
The IC-7300 has 15 discrete RF band-pass filters. The RF signal is only passed through one of the band-pass filters, while any out of range signals are rejected. High Q factor coils are used to minimize the loss in the RF band-pass filters.

Built-In Automatic Antenna Tuner
The antenna tuner memorizes its settings based on your transmit frequency, so that it can rapidly tune when you change operating bands. The Enforced Tuning function* allows a wide range of temporary antennas to be tuned.
* Do not use the Enforced Tuning function except in case of an emergency. Transmission power may be reduced.

Superior Sound Quality
To offer superior sound quality, a new speaker unit has been incorporated and is allocated dedicated space in the aluminium die-cast chassis.

Other Features
• New HM-219 hand microphone supplied
• Effective large cooling fan system
• A Multi-function meter
• 101 memory channels (99 regular, 2 scan edges)
• Optional RS-BA1 IP remote control software (the spectrum scope with the waterfall can be observed)
• CW functions: Full break-in, CW reverse, CW auto tuning

IC-7300 Specification

  • 70MHz band (European versions only)
  • Class Leading Real-Time Spectrum Scope
  • High-Resolution Waterfall Function
  • Audio Scope Function
  • RF Direct Sampling System
  • New “IP+” Function
  • Class Leading RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) and Phase Noise Characteristics
  • Large Touch Screen Colour TFT LCD
  • Multi-Dial Knob for Smooth Operation
  • SD Memory Card Slot for Saving Data
  • 15 Discrete Band-Pass Filters
  • Built-In Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • New HM-219 hand microphone supplied
  • Effective large cooling fan system
  • A Multi-function meter
  • 101 memory channels (99 regular, 2 scan edges)
  • Optional RS-BA1 IP remote control software (the spectrum scope with the waterfall can be observed)
  • CW functions: Full break-in, CW reverse, CW auto tuning
  • AH-2B
    Mobile whip & bracket
  • AH-4
    100W HF Automatic Antenna Tuner can be used with a variety of Icom HF Amateur radios.
  • AH-5NV
    Fiberglass mobile mounting antenna element for use with AH-740.
  • AH-710
    2-30MHZ Folded dipole antenna
  • AH-740
    Covers 2.5-30MHz (amateur band). OPC-2321 is required.
  • CT-17
    CI-V level converter (communications interface)
  • HM-219
    Hand microphone with UP/DOWN swiches.
  • MB-118
    For mounting IC-718, IC-7200 or IC-7300 in a vehicle.
  • MB-123
    Carrying Handle
  • OPC-2321
    Control cable adapter for AH-740
  • OPC-420
    Control cable for connection with AH-4 (10m)
  • OPC-599
    Accessory extension cable
  • PS-126
    The PS-126 external switching power supply unit replaces the PS-125.
  • RC-28
    The RC-28 IP Remote Control System, allows Radio Amateurs to remotely operate selected Icom amateur transceivers with the enclosed RS-BA1 remote control software. The software comes complete with remote control USB encoder and will work with the IC-7100, IC-7200, IC-7300, IC-7410, and IC-9100 with a USB cable, and with the IC-756PROIII, IC-7000, IC-7400, IC-7610, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-7850 and IC-7851 with a RS-232C cable.
  • SM-30
    The SM-30 Desktop Microphone, is an entry level desktop microphone designed to work with Icom's range of HF base station radios.
  • SM-50
    The Icom SM-50 is a stylish unidirectional desktop microphone with a flexible neck, designed for base station operation with Icom’s range of HF transceivers.
  • SP-23
    The SP-23 external speaker has been designed for use with Icom base station transceivers and receivers.
  • SP-33
    The SP-33 is a compact, external speaker designed for Icom’s range of HF base stations.
  • SP-34
    The SP-34 is an external speaker with built in audio filters which has been designed for Icom’s high end Amateur radio base stations.
  • SP-35
    The SP-35 external speaker replaces the SP-22 or SP-25 external speakers currently supplied with some of our mobile radios. The SP-35 is very similar to the SP-22 or SP-25 but features a more stylish, modern design.
  • SP-35L
    External Speaker with 6m cable
  • SP-38
    The SP-38 external desktop speaker has been specifically designed to complement the appearance of the IC-7300 as well as improving the listening experience from its large diameter speaker.
  • SP-41
    Matching External Speaker for the IC-7610
(Video) Promo For The IC-7300 Overview at ML&S - *OUT NOW*

Video: Reviewing the IC-7300 Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF Radio

Following on from our initial ‘Introduction to the Icom IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz Transceiver’ video, we have put together a more in-depth, video called ‘Reviewing the IC-7300’.

With the help from Bob McCreadie (G0FGX) of TX Films, this video features Chris Ridley (G8GKC) who goes through the range of functions that the IC-7300, Icom's first Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF radio has to offer and goes on to explain why its recent introduction has been such a game changer.

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(Video) Icom IC-7300 Overview at ML&S


How good is the IC-7300? ›

GigaParts users have given the Icom IC-7300 a rating of 4.96 stars out of 5 across 27 total reviews, calling it a “great radio,” “everything and more for a startup radio.” Multiple reviewers mentioned the excellent sound quality, solid microphone, intuitive touchscreen, and amazing transmission range of this radio.

What bands does the Icom 7300 cover? ›

(Guaranteed range: 0.500–29.999, 50.000–54.000MHz, 70.000–70.500MHz.) 70 MHz band is for EUR version. Each frequency range is differ according to versions.

What does IC-7300 include? ›

The Icom IC-7300 features a RF direct sampling system, 15 discrete band-pass filters, a real-time spectrum scope and a large 4.3" color touch screen display. Additional features of the IC-7300 include a built-in automatic antenna tuner, 101 channels, SD memory card slot and 3 CW functions.

What frequencies does the ICOM 7300 have? ›

Frequency coverage RX TX0.030–74.800** 1.800–1.999, 3.500–3.999, 5.255–5.405*, 7.000–7.300, 10.100–10.150, 14.000–14.350, 18.068–18.168, 21.000–21.450, 24.890–24.990, 28.000–29.700, 50.000–54.000 * Some frequency bands are not guaranteed. ** Guaranteed range: 0.500–29.999, 50.000–54.000MHz.
10 more rows

When did IC-7300 come out? ›

The Icom IC-7300 saw its debut at the Tokyo Hamfair August 22, 2015. This new HF plus 6 meter 100 watt transceiver hosts new capabilities and technologies for its class.

Where is the ICOM 7300 made? ›

ICOM IC7300 – still made in Japan.

Does the ICOM 7300 have Bluetooth? ›

In fact the unit can pair with two devices at the same time – so two pairs of headphones or one pair of Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth speaker for example.

Does the ICOM 7300 have VHF? ›

I have owned the ICOM 7300 for several months and can say that it is a simply fantastic radio.
eMail Subscription.
Category:Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W
Product:ICOM IC-7300
3 more rows

Does ICOM 7300 need a power supply? ›

The IC-7300 is rated to work correctly when supplied with 13.8 V DC (±15%), so 11.7 Volts to 15.8 Volts is fine and there is no need to split hairs when measuring the power supply's voltage.


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