Discord outbound packet loss: What is it and how to fix it? (2023)

by Vlad Constantinescu

Discord outbound packet loss: What is it and how to fix it? (1)

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  • The Discord outbound packet loss is one of the most common issues related to this app.
  • To fix it, you should configure Discord in proper conditions.
  • We recommend making sure that the Windows firewall doesn't block Discord.
  • A VPN or the web version of Discord might help you if you're encountering outbound packet loss.

Discord outbound packet loss: What is it and how to fix it? (2)


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Discord is a popular gamer-oriented communication platform that lets you keep in touch with your fellow gamer friends. You can create rooms, gather with others, and even make private channels within the rooms.

Once you finish setting it up, you can invite your friends and have a nice chat. Alternatively, you can use voice, which is great during heavy gaming sessions, when typing quick messages is simply not an option.

All in all, Discord is awesome and you can use it for free. So far so good, right? However, sometimes, you might experience certain issues, given that Discord is, after all, an online service.

Some of the trouble you might encounter includes high ping, packet loss, jitter, and even connection timeouts. You might think it’s not a big deal. However, VoIP services such as Discord suffer the worst when it comes to packet loss.

Has it ever happened to suddenly lose connection while talking to a friend? Have you ever heard or spoken these lines:

  • I can’t hear you!
  • You’re cutting out!
  • Speak louder!
  • Are you still there?

If these seem all too familiar to you, it may be the fault of packet loss. So you do understand how annoying this could get, especially when you’re all focused on stealing the victory from your virtual enemies.

(Video) How To Lower Ping & Fix Packet Loss In ANY Game With This NEW Trick!

What is outbound packet loss?

Before we get to that, you must understand what packet loss is. Packet loss occurs whenever data packets on the network never reach their destination. For instance, you send a data packet to a server, and it doesn’t make it there.

The server doesn’t get the packet, so it keeps listening until the packet reaches it. In the meantime, you will experience lag or jitter. If the packet loss is high, you will eventually lose connection.

Outbound packet loss occurs when the packets that you send never make it to the destination, as opposed to inbound packet loss, which is typical for data that you receive from the server.

Long story short:

  • Outbound = data that flows outward of your PC/network
  • Inbound = traffic that flows inward your network/PC

How to fix packet loss in Discord?

1. Troubleshoot the connection

  1. Run a packet loss test.
  2. Locate the hop that’s leaking packets.
  3. Take the necessary measure to correct the situation.

Depending on the troublesome hop, packet loss can occur in four different locations:

  • On your PC/home network
  • Your ISP’s network
  • The servers of the network distribution company
  • On Discord’s servers

Therefore, different fixes are depending on the location you’ve detected. Namely:

  • Check your hardware/software, including cables and fix/repair/replace them as necessary
  • Call your ISP if the problem occurs on its servers
  • Ask your ISP to contact the network distribution company
  • Contact Discord’s support team and inform them of your findings

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As you can see, there’s no immediate fix, but it sure beats standing around waiting for the situation to solve by itself.

2. Configure your Discord app properly

  1. Hit the Windows key, type Discord, then choose to Run as administrator.
  2. Open the Settings menu (marked as a gear).
  3. Go to Voice & Video.
  4. Scroll down until you find the Advanced section, then turn off the Enable Quality of Service High packet Priority.
  5. Check if the packet loss still persists.

3. Make sure Windows firewall doesn’t block Discord

  1. Hit again the Windows key, then type firewall, and open Allow an app through Windows Firewall.
  2. Click on the Change Settings button.
  3. Select Allow another app.
  4. Browse to the Discord executable, then click on Add.
  5. Tick the Private and Public boxes.
  6. Check if the problem still persists.

4. Use the Discord web app

  1. Close the Discord desktop app.
  2. Head over to the Discord website.
  3. Select Open Discord in your browser. If you’re not sure which one to use, make sure you check the best browsers for Discord users.
  4. Log into your account.
  5. Check if you still experience packet loss.

5. Use a VPN

  1. Download Private Internet Access and install it
  2. Launch it and connect to a server
  3. Fire up Discord and check if you still have packet loss

Private Internet Access is an excellent VPN service from Kape Technologies. With experience in VPN services of over 10 years, this software is trusted by millions of satisfied customers.

It passed all of our tests with flying colors and can help you tackle several issues, including securing your connection, boosting your privacy, and unblocking geo-restricted content.

However, note that using a VPN won’t magically fix the packet loss issue every time. For this fix to work, the packet loss must occur on your ISP’s side.

If you and/or your home network are leaking packets, a VPN won’t help you much. The same goes for server-side leaks.

Do not hesitate to verify PIA’s key features:

  • Built-in Ad Blocking
  • 100% open source
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Easy configuration and advanced features
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support

What causes packet loss on Discord?

A lot of things can contribute to data loss, not only on Discord but everywhere else as well. For instance, using Wi-Fi instead of wired connections can subject you to interference. This can lead to packet loss.

Another example would be network congestion. If the network you’re currently on becomes crowded, it can’t handle all requests at the same time. So, it starts queueing them, leading to packet loss.

Even Discord itself can be the cause of packet loss, especially if you didn’t take the time to configure it properly. That’s why packet loss is so annoying; it has a lot of possible causes and often no immediate fixes.

(Video) Discord Keeps Cutting Out & Lag Fix!

All things considered, like any other VoIP service, Discord can be affected by packet loss as well. However, it seems that, unlike other programs, Discord has a bunch of aces up its sleeve that let you circumvent the issue.

On the other hand, sometimes not even the fixes we’ve included in this article might not work.

That’s mainly because packet loss generally fixes itself, so in this situation, you might consider taking a break from the app and trying again later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This article covers:Topics:

  • Discord issues
  • packet loss
  • VoIP
  • VPN

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Why is my outbound packet loss so high? ›

Network congestion - The primary cause of network packet loss is congestion. All networks have space limitations, so in simple terms, network congestion is very much the same as peak hour traffic. Think of the queues on the road at certain times of the day, like early mornings and the end of the working day.

How do you fix packet loss easily? ›

How To Fix Packet Loss in Six Steps or Less
  1. Examine Physical Connections. ...
  2. Check For Software Updates. ...
  3. Upgrade Your Hardware. ...
  4. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection. ...
  5. Address Bandwidth Congestion. ...
  6. Address Network Security Vulnerabilities or Attacks.
Mar 29, 2022

How do I fix Discord bad voice connection? ›

Restart your Modem+Router+Computer - You'd be surprised how often the "turn it off and turn it back on again" trick works. Check with your internet service provider and make sure there are no outages in your area. Check with your network admin - If you're on a work/school network, Discord could be blocked!

How do I fix high Discord ping? ›

If your Discord ping spikes, clear the app cache, close the apps running in the background and activate hardware acceleration on Discord. If the issue still persists, I have also mentioned other fixes, including checking your network settings, checking for server outages, and ensuring that your drivers are up to date.

Why is my ping so high in Discord? ›

Normally, high Discord ping is due to platform outages, internet connection issues, or having too many apps running in the background. As you can sense, some of these problems can be fixed right away, while others will be beyond your powers.

What packet loss looks like? ›

The effects of packet loss are felt as network performance drops and include the following: Lack of communication quality. Real-time applications, namely voice over IP (VoIP), experience jitter and frequent gaps in received speech. Packet losses less than 2% may be noticeable.

How do I find out where my packet loss is from? ›

Diagnosing Packet Loss

Run a Traceroute to the remote endpoint to determine the router hops to the destination. Perform a ping test to each of these router hops to see if the network is stable to a specific location, or if loss starts to occur at or beyond a certain point.

What is packet loss caused by? ›

The reason for packet loss could be the inefficiency of a component such as a loose cable connection, a faulty router, or a lousy Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes bandwidth restrictions, both intentional and unintentional, can lead to packet loss or latency. Unsuccessful packets lead to network slowdowns and cause bottlenecks.

Can VPN cause packet loss? ›

As we've stated above, VPNs can only improve packet loss if there's an issue with your ISP. Therefore, make sure that the issue is not, in fact, with you or the server you want to connect to. PIA has a wide network of servers that you can easily switch between.

Can my PC be causing packet loss? ›

Many users reported 100% packet loss on their PCs, and this issue can occur on any version of Windows, and it's usually caused by your network hardware. This can be a problem and it will cause high latency and ping in games, as well while browsing the web.

Why is my packet loss so high on Discord? ›

Fix Packet Loss | Discord Voice Chat | 2022 Guide - YouTube

Does Discord kick you out of VC? ›

Yup, if you're afk for a time you will disconnect from a voice call both in groups and channels.

How do I stabilize Discord connection? ›

There are several things you can do to fix a bad Discord connection:
  1. Utilize Your Antivirus Software. ...
  2. Disable Your VPN. ...
  3. Close Background Applications. ...
  4. Disable Unnecessary Browser Extensions. ...
  5. Disable Hardware Acceleration. ...
  6. Try Channel Bonding Technology.
Nov 17, 2021

Why is Discord lagging but nothing else? ›

One of the most common causes of the Discord lagging issue is the software conflict. If you're running multiple programs on your PC, chances are that one of your programs conflicts with Discord and causes the issue for you. It's recommended that you turn off unnecessary processes while running Discord.

How do I change my Discord server location? ›

Start by touch and holding (or long pressing) on the specific voice channel you'd like to modify. Once you are in the Channel Settings, you can tap on the Region Override section, and then select the region you'd like to manually set.

What is normal packet loss? ›

Acceptable packet loss

Losses between 5% and 10% of the total packet stream will affect the quality significantly." Another described less than 1% packet loss as "good" for streaming audio or video, and 1–2.5% as "acceptable".

Is packet loss or ping more important? ›

While low ping is good to have, a connection with few ping spikes and packet loss is arguably more important for online gaming. This is especially true for twitch games that require fast reaction times and lots of stick and move.

Why do I have 100 packet loss? ›

The 100% packet loss occurs when the Xbox is unable to communicate out on the ports that it needs. Since you don't have access or control of the network it's going to be an issue somewhere on your network setup. The network itself will have a main router, which you state you don't have access too.

What is a good packet loss for gaming? ›

Low latency is not the same as low speed. Latency is measured in milliseconds, and indicates the quality of your connection within your network. Anything at 100ms or less is considered acceptable for gaming. However, 20-40ms is optimal.

Can a virus cause packet loss? ›

Viruses & Anti Virus

Both malware and anti-malware software can cause packet loss issues. Malicious software can cause packet loss when it is exfiltrating large amounts of data of a network, or actively working to sabotage its environment.

What is a good jitter speed? ›

Ideally, jitter should be below 30ms. Packet loss should be no more than 1%, and network latency shouldn't exceed 150 ms one-way (300 ms return).

What is the best no lag VPN? ›

iTop VPN - Best No Lag VPN for Gaming and Streaming

iTop VPN is one of the fastest VPNs with a guaranteed blade-fast connection to play games in easy lobbies with no lag. Features: Fast speed.

Can firewalls cause packet loss? ›

Firewalls are a critical network security measure—helping to filter out “bad” traffic that may contain malware or be behind an attempted security breach. However, improperly-configured firewalls may generate false positives, causing the firewall to block legitimate traffic requests—leading to packet loss.

Does VPN reduce ping in games? ›

A VPN can certainly decrease the ping you have in your online games. Basically, VPN packets tend to take a more direct route than your normal ISP packet. A good VPN service should allow the information to flow more freely from your computer to the server of the game you are playing.

Can packet loss fix itself? ›

Although it's impossible to remedy packet loss in your network, there are some meaningful network checks you can complete to improve speed and reduce the number of packets lost. Check physical network connections – Check to ensure that all cables and ports are properly connected and installed.

Why is Discord lagging? ›

One of the most common causes of the Discord lagging issue is the software conflict. If you're running multiple programs on your PC, chances are that one of your programs conflicts with Discord and causes the issue for you. It's recommended that you turn off unnecessary processes while running Discord.

How do you test for packet loss? ›

On a Windows Computer:
  1. Open Command Prompt/Windows Powershell (either will work) Right click the windows icon in the lower left corner. ...
  2. Enter the command as follows: ping -n 100 ping = The command to ping, leave unchanged. ...
  3. Check the summary when completed for percentage of packet loss.

How do I get Discord canary? ›

You can try out Discord Canary by downloading the latest build release of the Discord Canary desktop app or by trying it out in your web browser. To start, download the latest Discord Canary release for your operating system from the Discord website. You can download and use the desktop app on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Is Discord a bugging? ›

No incidents reported today.


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