Comparing the Best Studio Headphones for Rs. 10,000 (2023)

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x VS Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is probably the most common comparison that we are asked to make every day here at Headphone Zone.

That is because both of them are used by thousands of recording artists, musicians, studio professionals, and even budding audiophiles around the world.

These two headphones are very popular for professional flat sounding and studio headphones under 10000.

Designed in Germany

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro are reference headphones with slight bass that are comfortable and offer great noise isolation.

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  • Exceptional Metal Build
  • Sleek Design
  • Enjoyable Bass
  • Great Stereo Imaging
  • Non-Detachable Cable (32 Ohm version)
  • Designed in Japan

    The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x offers you the most detailed and crisp audio experience, delivering a natural sound signature.

    (Video) Comparing the Best Headphones under ₹10,000

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  • Robust Plastic Build
  • Traditional Design
  • Clean Mids
  • Immersive Sound
  • Three Detachable Cables
  • Right at the onset, we should tell you that studio monitor headphones are very different from virtually every other kind of headphone that’s out there today.

    That’s essentially got to do with the kind of sound characteristics that you should come to expect from these headphones.

    In fact, most headphones are designed to give you a very pleasurable music listening experience.

    To do that sometimes you’ll find that they’ll turn up the bass or the treble or they might add a little more emphasis to the vocals.

    Monitor headphones are designed to do the exact opposite.

    They are made to produce music as accurately as possible. The reason they need to be accurate is because if you are a musician you need to listen to music the way it was recorded.

    It will allow you to listen to it with all the nuances that it should have. Thus helping you identify any problems that your recording may have.

    That's why studio monitoring headphones have been designed to give you a very flat sound signature.

    One more reason flat sounds are preferred is because they allow the producer to listen to all the frequencies at the same level of emphasis - a much-required feature.

    Both the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro are what we call closed-back studio monitor headphones.

    This means that the backside of the ear cups is closed off to external noise. Outside sound will not disturb what you are listening to and vice versa.

    This is very important if you intend to use these headphones not just while you are on the move or when you are in a public place but even in the studio.

    Having set the premise, let’s begin the shoot-off!

    Beyerdynamic - DT 770 PRO
    ₹ 9,999/-₹ 17,050
    Audio-Technica - ATH-M50x
    ₹ 11,299/-₹ 19,525
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE5Hz - 35,000Hz15Hz - 28,000Hz
    DRIVER TYPE45mm Dynamic Drivers45mm Dynamic Drivers
    IMPEDANCE32Ω / 80Ω / 250Ω38Ω
    CABLE1.6m Straight Cable (32Ω)
    3m Straight Cable (80Ω)
    3m Coiled Cable (250Ω)
    1.2m - 3m Coiled Cable, 3m Detachable Cable & 1.2m Regular Cable
    IN THE BOXBeyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones
    Jack Adapter 6.35mm
    Drawstring Bag
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones
    1/4" Screw-On Adapter
    Carry Pouch
    EXPERTS VERDICT"If you're looking to build out a recording studio or just have a comfortable-as-hell set of computer cans, definitely take a look at the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio 80 Ohm."
    "They are among the best-closed headphones I have heard for the price and if I wanted cans with good bass and clear highs, these are the ones to get."
    (Video) Best Studio Headphones in the market | Studio Headphones

    Beyerdynamic from Germany has been manufacturing these headphones since the early 80s. Over the last 30 years, the classic design has been consistent for the most part.

    The reason being the popularity which is enjoyed by the brand among studio professionals and musicians world over.

    They are really nice, large, comfortable headphones and they come with plush earpads. They are very well-built and are made to be very durable.

    The important part here is that the DT 770 Pro comes in three different variants. Based on the requirement - it comes with a 32 Ohm, an 80 Ohm and a 250 Ohm impedance rating.

    The 32 Ohm variant is the cheapest variant and can be easily driven by most sources. It needs very little power for the full potential of the headphone to be experienced.

    You can even plug these into your mobile phones or your laptops and they should work just fine. Thus, the 32 Ohm version enjoys the most popularity among folks.

    The 80 Ohm variant has a little bit more detailing, a little bit more resolution but it needs a little more power. So they are essentially made to be used in a studio setup.

    Therefore, to bring out its A-game you’ll need a good sound card, mixer or an amplifier to go with it. Accordingly, a common source like a smartphone might not be powerful enough to drive these.

    The 250 Ohm variant sounds the best of the lot but it needs a dedicated headphone amplifier for it to work really well. Without it, this variant is almost impossible to use.

    So they are best used by people who want to listen to music at home or audiophiles who want to have nice high-end setup or used by mixing artists who are looking to mix a sound inside a high-end studio.

    These headphones are one of the most recognizable headphones available in the world today. They are the flagship headphone from the Japanese AudioTechnica’s M-series or their monitor headphone lineup.

    They are very popular with musicians and studio professionals.

    The M50X is very similar to Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro in many ways. They are comfortable, durable and they are made to be used in the fields that have a demanding requirement for audio accuracy.

    (Video) Best Studio Headphones | My Top 3 Headphones Under $150 (2020)

    The M50x has large, plush earpads as the DT 770 Pro. The M50x earpads are oval-shaped whereas the DT770 Pro are round in shape. It makes the M50x look a little more compact.

    The M50x has only one variant, unlike its competitor.

    Another significant difference is that it comes with a detachable cable. The box actually comes along with three different cables that allow the user to use the headphones in different scenarios and applications.

    You’ll also find that the M50x has hinges that help the M50x to have a collapsible form that allows for better portability. This feature, along with a sturdier case, makes the headphone easier to carry around.

    The M50x has an impedance of 35 Ohms. Thus, they’re mostly compatible with most smartphones and laptops.

    However, to truly bring out the brilliance, you’ll need an amplifier.

    They also work beautifully with professional sound setups that have a sound card or amplifier or both.

    The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro has had the exact same sound signature for the last 30 years.It has a very flat sound with a lot of detail and accuracy.

    The Audio-Technica has taken a slightly different approach. You'll find that it doesn't feature the classically flat output of the Beyerdynamic. It's got a little bit of extra bass that has been added to the low end.

    The reason - Audio-Technica believes that nobody records or listens to music the way they did 30 years back. Bit of a cheeky gamble that seems to have paid off for the Japanese brand.

    Almost everyone these days listen to music that has prominent bass in it.

    Be it genre or recording style, the bass is evident.

    Car speakers, headphones, and even the best home theatres don’t shy away from some chubby bass in the output. Hence, it makes sense that the music that needs mastering must reflect that new reality.

    Hence the ATH-M50x has a little extra bass and punch but without sacrificing the separation and detail of other frequencies.

    Just a little bass though, enough to make the headphones sound as close as possible to the way most people are going to listen to music.


    Now Beyerdynamic considers this a gross violation of what is a very sacred flat sound signature.

    But the popularity of the M50x reflects the new reality.

    Moreover, Beyerdynamic has positioned its speakers a little farther from your ears so as it gives you a nice wide sound signature. This is to replicate what you would expect in an actual studio.

    The M50x sounds a little bit narrower. The music comes almost as if it’s in the middle of your head.

    So there's a little bit of a trade-off between both of these headphones.

    You’ll find that purists will drift towards Beyerdynamic DT 770 naturally. It's been the exact same sound for the last 30 years and it's the one that they're most familiar with.

    Relatively modern-day producers or people who agree with Audio Technica’s ideology subscribe to the M50x’s low-end a little bit more. This appeals especially to folks that are listening or composing music that's got a little bit more bass.

    What's the right choice between the two for you? Now that's a tricky question! You can't go wrong choosing between the M50x or the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro.

    If you're somebody who values the foldable ear pads, a slightly more compact look a detachable cable with the option then the M50x should be a no-brainer.

    If you're not bothered with portability and detachable cables and love a very flat sound output and a slightly wider soundstage then the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is your chosen one.

    Of course be careful to choose the right variant for you depending on how you want to use it between the 32, the 80 and the 250 Ohm.

    We can cut to the chase and tell you our favorite of the two.

    However, do understand that a ‘favorite headphone’ is a bit of a myth as it harbors heavily on very personal preferences.

    Depending on the way that you like to listen to your music, compatibility and other factors, you may choose either.

    Hence, we’re going to keep this contest open and let you choose the ‘winner’.

    (Video) Best Budget Studio Headphones For Music Production , Mixing & Mastering | 2022

    If feasible, you could come down to our experience studio in Mumbai and listen to all of these headphones yourself to figure out which are the right ones for you.

    Happy Listening!


    Which is the best headphones under 10000? ›

    Best Headphones under 10000 – Noise Cancelling, ANC1. JBL LIVE 650BTNC2.
    1. JBL LIVE 650BTNC. ...
    2. Sony WH-CH710N. ...
    3. Skullcandy Hesh ANC. ...
    4. Sennheiser HD 450BT. ...
    5. Skullcandy Hesh Evo. ...
    6. Edifier W860NB. ...
    7. AKG K240 Studio MK II. ...
    8. Fastrack Reflex Tunes.
    22 Sept 2022

    Which headphone is best for studio? ›

    Here's our list of top 24 PRO Studio headphones
    • Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Headphone 8823. ...
    • Superlux HD 681. ...
    • Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Studio Headphone. ...
    • Samson SR850 Headphones. ...
    • Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Studio Headphone. ...
    • Philips SHP9500S Headphones. ...
    • Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. ...
    • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones.
    28 Jul 2022

    Which headphone is best under 1500? ›

    Best Headphones Under 1,500 in India
    • Boat Rockerz 450.
    • Boat Rockerz 500.
    • Boat Rockerz 550.
    • Sennheiser HD 206.
    • Koss KPH7.
    • Boat Rockerz 510.
    • Cosmic Byte ERSA.
    • Boat Rockerz 600.

    What headphones do singers use in studio? ›

    Here are the seven best high-quality studio headphones for recording vocals, tracking instruments, and monitoring performances:
    • Audio Technica ATH-M50x (Our Pick)
    • Sony MDR-7506 (Best Value)
    • Shure SRH1540 (Premium Option)
    • Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO.
    • Sennheiser HD 280 PRO.
    • KRK KNS 8400.
    • Focal Listen Professional.

    How do I choose headphones for music production? ›

    One of the main things to consider when it comes to choosing the right headphones for your studio recording is the frequency response. Some consumer headphones have boosted bass frequencies, but most cover the standard 20 - 20,000 Hz range.

    Which brand headphone is best in India? ›

    Best Headphones & Headset Brands
    • Sennheiser Headphones & Headsets.
    • JBL Headphones & Headsets.
    • Beats Headphones & Headsets.
    • iBall Headphones & Headsets.
    • Bose Headphones & Headsets.
    • Logitech Headphones & Headsets.
    • boAt Headphones & Headsets.
    • Philips Headphones & Headsets.

    How can I compare two headphones? ›

    The easiest way to compare two headphones is using one song, or even better, just part on song on a loop. Go back and forth a few times, you should start to be able to pick out differences. Focus on one aspect, be it the bass, the treble, or the mid-range, and compare that.

    Which is best headphone with mic? ›

    The best headphones with a mic for voice and video calls you can buy right now
    1. Bose 700. The absolute best headphones for voice and video calls. ...
    2. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2. ...
    3. Sony WH-1000XM5. ...
    4. Apple AirPods Max. ...
    5. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. ...
    6. Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro. ...
    7. Jabra Elite 65t. ...
    8. Jabra Elite 4 Active.
    11 Oct 2022

    Which budget earphone is best? ›

    Earphones ₹1,000 are functional and of good quality.
    • Sony MDR-EX150AP. ...
    • BoAt Bassheads 100. ...
    • JBL Endurance Run. ...
    • Mi Dual Driver Earphones. ...
    • JBL C200SI. ...
    • Skullcandy Jib Wired. ...
    • KZ-EDX Pro. ...
    • Best budget. The realme buds 2 is an amazing choice for affordable earbuds.
    19 Sept 2022

    Which is the best headphone with mic in India? ›

    1-16 of over 60,000 results for "best headphones with mic"
    • Logitech H111 Wired On Ear Headphones With Mic Black. ...
    • Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming wired over ear Headphone, 7 Color RGB LED and Microphone for PC, PS5, Xbox, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops (with mic,Black)

    Are JBL headphones good for studio? ›

    JBL's new CLUB series could serve as a happy medium between pro monitors and consumer headphones by combining studio-grade specs with more mainstream features like adaptive noise cancellation (ANC), voice assistants, a customizable EQ and impressive battery life.

    Are studio headphones good for listening to music? ›

    Studio headphones are great for music listening

    Due to their flat frequency response, accuracy and presentation detail, studio headphones are a good choice for listening to music. They will give you a very accurate sound, letting you hear the music exactly as the producer intended.

    Is Sony MDR-7506 good for mixing? ›

    Sony MDR-7506

    These are another pair of closed-back headphones, but their isolation isn't superb, which makes them a good choice for mixing. Although their frequency response is not as flat as some other headphones, it's still relatively flat. They do accentuate some frequencies more than others, like the low-mids.

    What headphones do famous producers use? ›

    The Most Popular Headphones Used by Music Producers
    • Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones. (289) ...
    • Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones. (414) ...
    • Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO-80 Closed Studio Headphones. (232)

    What do studios use for headphones? ›

    Recording studios use 2 very specific types of headphones for 2 very specific purposes. They are: Closed Back Headphones – which are used for recording tracks. Open Back Headphones – which are used for mixing.
    2. Sony MDR-7506
    • They're just as affordable.
    • They're just as durable.
    • They provide just as much isolation.

    Why do singers sound better in the studio? ›

    Therefore, a studio-recorded vocal will not have feedback and background noise, and will use microphones that bring out the best in the vocal. Even assuming great vocal work, an artist can still do many takes of lines throughout the whole song, so that all the vocal lines are perfect.

    Does Sony make good headphones? ›

    Sony makes a wide variety of headphone models geared for all kinds of listeners. Most of their models deliver reliable sound quality with either more bass-heavy or neutral-sounding options to choose from. Their best-performing headphones come at a premium price, as their cheaper models can be hit-or-miss.

    Are beats good for producing music? ›

    Beats are known to break fairly easily. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke within few months of use. If you are producing music on a long term basis, you are going to be sitting in your studio for hours and hours on end and probably have these headphones on. The reason why they break is due to its band build.

    How many ohms should my headphones be? ›

    The impedance is measured in ohms which often range between 8 & 600 ohms, depending on the model of the headphone/earphone. However, the impedance ranging between 20-40ohms is said to be a decent choice for casual music listeners and 64 or above for an audiophilia.

    Why do celebrities use wired headphones? ›

    EarPods are less techie and a bit more humble than the AirPods, which may be part of the appeal. Some of the celebrities cite practical reasons for wearing wired headphones – you don't have to worry about battery life or issues with Bluetooth – others more philosophical.

    Can you walk with headphones? ›

    Despite their convenience, they can be unsafe to use while walking, especially for children and college students. They impair judgement and coordination, diminish the ability to perceive and hear. Walking with earbuds in increases the likelihood of being struck by a motor vehicle while walking or standing.

    What beats do athletes wear? ›

    Beats Studio3 Wireless

    The same wireless headphones are quite popular among other basketball players as well. James Harden and Anthony Davis use the same Beats headphones before games.

    Which is the No 1 headphone brand? ›

    1. Sennheiser. Known for its world-class products, Sennheiser is probably the most sought-after headphone brand in the world. Founded in 1945, Sennheiser offers a number of headphones across a wide range of audio products.

    Is JBL or Sennheiser better? ›

    Side-by-Side Comparison

    The JBL are more comfortable, have a more neutral sound profile, and have longer continuous battery life. Their companion app also offers a parametric EQ, which some users may prefer. However, the Sennheiser are better built.

    Which is India's number one earphone brand? ›

    List Of Top 15 Earphone Brands In India 2022
    Serial NumberEarphone Brand
    11 more rows

    How do I know if my headphones have good bass? ›

    How To Know If Headphones Have Good Bass
    1. Check the frequency response levels.
    2. Choose large drivers at least 40mm or higher.
    3. Making sure we choose the right driver type.
    4. Looking for a bass boost feature.
    5. Measuring the db sensitivity levels.
    13 Mar 2020

    What is passive soundstage? ›

    They determine whether the sound is perceived to be coming from inside or in front of the head, how open and spacious the soundstage is, how much the headphones acoustically interact with the environment, and how strong the phantom center is.

    What should we see while buying earphones? ›

    Table Of Contents
    • Find the Right Design For Your Ears. In-ear. On-ear. Over-ear. ...
    • Earphone buying guide: Choose the Right Connectivity. Wired Earphones. Wireless Earphones.
    • Earphone Buying Guide : Specifications to Consider. Acoustic System. Drivers. IPX Rating. ...
    • Steps to Follow While Selecting Earphones. Epilogue.
    9 May 2022

    Are studio headphones good for music? ›

    Studio headphones are great for music listening

    Due to their flat frequency response, accuracy and presentation detail, studio headphones are a good choice for listening to music. They will give you a very accurate sound, letting you hear the music exactly as the producer intended.

    Are JBL headphones good for studio? ›

    JBL's new CLUB series could serve as a happy medium between pro monitors and consumer headphones by combining studio-grade specs with more mainstream features like adaptive noise cancellation (ANC), voice assistants, a customizable EQ and impressive battery life.

    What are studio headphones used for? ›

    Studio headphones are built primarily for professional work, and have sound signatures best suited to recording or mixing. However, they're often versatile enough to make for great entertainment listening as well.

    Why do musicians wear headphones in the studio? ›

    Sound Isolation

    Music studios are generally noisy places, especially when recording sessions are underway. That's why it's important for musicians to wear quality studio headphones that provide the right amount of sound isolation in order to record and perform their song with no distractions.

    How long do studio headphones last? ›

    In general, headphones can last from a few months to 10 years, with an average of 3-4 years. This is due to the factors that influence their lifespan. However, audiophile headphones are of better quality, which is why they last longer, from 5 years to over 15 years.

    Are studio headphones loud? ›

    Although studio headphones sound the most accurate, they're not ideal for most people because they can sound dull compared to regular headphones.

    What's the difference between studio and monitor headphones? ›

    Budget studio headphones will provide enough of a flat response for most monitoring needs. Monitoring headphones tend to be closed-back and over-ear for their better noise-cancellation.

    Is JBL or beats better? ›

    Side-by-Side Comparison

    The JBL FreeX Truly Wireless are slightly better wireless in-ears than the Beats BeatsX Wireless. The JBL are more comfortable, well-built, and sound a bit better.

    Which is better Bose or JBL headphones? ›

    The Bose are better more comfortable over-ear fit and isolate a lot more in noisy conditions than the JBL. They also have a longer battery life and a better default sound that works with most genres but that you can't EQ like the JBL. This makes the JBL a bit more customizable than the Bose.

    Can I use normal headphones as studio headphones? ›

    Normal headphones can be used successfully for some music production tasks. These tasks are typically where very accurate reproduction of the sound is not necessary, e.g. editing or arranging. Other tasks require studio headphones to provide very high-fidelity sound reproduction e.g. mixing.

    Do I need studio headphones for mixing? ›

    In our opinion, when monitoring your latest mixes or recording in the studio, a pair of the best studio headphones is a must-have. Any credible music producer will tell you that they monitor using as many different systems as possible: a pair of studio monitors, a Bluetooth speaker, even a car stereo.

    Do studio headphones have surround sound? ›

    Studio headphones are good for gaming. They offer better surround sound and audio components, enabling you to have a more robust and intensified gaming experience. With the flexibility to add a microphone separately, they're also more versatile than standard gaming headphones.

    Why do singers touch their ears? ›

    When singers can't hear themselves over the band, it is instinctual for them to push to compete with the sound. In-ears allow you to listen to yourself clearly and feel less need to strain, often singing more accurately as a result and without risking vocal damage even when doing many shows in a condensed period.

    Why do singers close one ear? ›

    They stick their finger in their ear or push the ear lobe closed so they can hear themselves inside their head. This is often done when there is a lot of ambient noise or the harmony part they are singing is intricate and requires a lot of focus to sing it properly (in tune).

    Why do singers sound better in the studio? ›

    Therefore, a studio-recorded vocal will not have feedback and background noise, and will use microphones that bring out the best in the vocal. Even assuming great vocal work, an artist can still do many takes of lines throughout the whole song, so that all the vocal lines are perfect.


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