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We are more and more persons to wish to accomplish the maintenance of our Audi A3 alone, in actual fact, the labour in mechanics is very pricey and the least simple service can fairly quickly go over 100€. The latest automobiles are more and more complex and we can not accomplish all their maintenance, but some acts like servicing its Audi A3 can be performed without too much complexity. We are going to help you today to choose the best engine oil for your Audi A3 , this will enable you to do your oil replace without any headache and to guarantee you an ideal engine unit behaviour. To get this done, firstly, we will see how to choose the right engine oil for your Audi A3 , then, in a second step, which are the 3 best engine oils for your Audi A3 , and finally, we will end with some suggestions on how to choose your engine oil.

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How to select the best engine oil for your Audi A3

We will so begin our content page with a small buying guide to help you choose the best motor oil for your Audi A3 with peace of mind. To get this done, we will check out the criteria that differentiate the sort of oil and then we will check out the different types of motor oil. No matter the reason, you should know that if you choose your engine oil accurately, in addition to preserving it, you will reduce your consumption and your CO2 emissions.

The specifications that differentiate engine oils for Audi A3?

The purpose of the engine oil in your Audi A3 is to lubricate your engine unit to assure that all the gears in it can run properly , and to preserve the integrity of each of its elements. In addition, this oil, which will limit all friction, will have other tasks such as preventing corrosion, helping to dissipate heat in the engine unit and guaranteeing sealing . These oils can be bought in 5 litre cans. We will now check out the different criteria for purchasing engine oil for Audi A3 :

  • The cold viscosity of engine oil for Audi A3 (number in front of the letter “W”, which stands for “Winter”): This value will reveal the engine’s ability to begin cold depending on the viscosity of the oil. 0W means -30°C; 5W means -25°C, 10W means -20°C and 15W means -15°C. It is consequently up to you to adapt it to the temperature in which you drive your Audi A3.
  • The hot viscosity of the engine oil for Audi A3 (value following the “W”): Value between 20 and 60, it is essential to remember that the higher the value, the thicker the layer of oil you will have when hot to protect your engine unit, and the lower the value, the less friction you will have when hot and consequently lower your consumption. However, if you use your Audi A3 in the city, or with a sporty driving style, it’s better to protect it although hot.
  • The requirements : They are written on the back of the oil canister you can find them such as “ACEA C1 – C4” or “VW 500. 01”, are only requirements of compatibility with different brands of cars, you have to check in the guidebook of your Audi A3 that the oil in question is compatible with your engine unit.
  • Oil brands: Please take note that the brand should have very little effect in your judgement, there are enough objective specifications in the composition of motor oil for Audi A3 to avoid having to concentrate on a subjective criterion such as the brand, some car producers have partnerships and will advise you on certain brands, but it is not required to stick to these suggestions.

The different types of engine oil for your Audi A3

  • “Mineral” engine oils 15w40: They are named mineral oils because they are specifically consisting of crude refined oil, which will give them maximum viscosity and consequently a thickness suitable for old engines that tend to consume oil. On the other hand, the truth that they are natural will trigger them to lose their lubricating properties more fairly quickly, so it will be required to shorten the intervals between oil changes.
  • Semi-synthetic 10w40: This oil has a good quality/price ratio and is said to be semi-synthetic because it is still composed of certain elements that will boost its life expectancy. It is thus suggested for a polyvalent use of its car. Additionally, it favours a simpler cold begin than a mineral oil. On the other hand, you should remember to replace the oil every 10, 000km.
  • The “synthetic” oil 5w40: This kind of oil is really adapted to the recent Audi A3 engines, in actual fact, the protection of the engine unit will be ideal and the cold begin too. It is consequently a good choice either for people who drive in city centres, who have a sporty driving style, or who drive long distances and want to limit the frequency of their oil replace.

The 3 best motor oils for Audi A3

We now begin our second section in which we will concentrate on the best motor oils for Audi A3 , we will present our assortment and direct you to the best sellers so that you can produce your decision in the best circumstances. We have done it a point to present only oils adapted to your Audi A3, so you will not actually find “10w40” in our selection.

Best Low-Cost engine oil for Audi A3

We done the choice to select the two best engine oils for Audi A3 lowcost, so that regarding to your needs you can make your choice.

Castrol GTX 15W40

This quality oil will enable you to replace or top up the oil level of your Audi A3 with complete peace of mind at an unbeatable price.

  • Value for money
  • Perfect if your engine unit begins to get miles on it.
  • Mineral quality.


  • Periodicity of emptying, about 10, 000km
  • Cold begin capability if you live in a cold region

Mobil Super 3000 5W40

A prestigious brand that offers you a kit to do your oil change plus an additional 1 litre that you can use to check the oil level of your Audi A3.

  • A 100% synthetic oil that will last over time.
  • Suitable for intensive use of your car.
  • Price.


  • Less suitable for older engines.

Best mid-range engine unit oil for Audi A3

Mobil Super 3000 FE 5W30

This synthetic oil is unbeatable value for money and will protect your engine unit, turbo or injection.

  • High quality synthetic material that will enable you to space out your drains.
  • A price to do this interesting quality.
  • Ideal for all sort of pipes


  • Less suitable for older automobiles or automobiles with a lot of mileage.

Best premium motor oil for Audi A3

Castrol Edge 5W30

A premium synthetic motor oil to protect your Audi A3 from friction, even in the worst conditions.

  • Top of the range engine unit oil appropriate for all engines from Audi A3
  • Startup under all conditions.


  • You’re not gonna be able to get the price.
  • Not appropriate for older automobiles

Castrol Magnatec 0W30

An ultra-synthetic motor oil for your Audi A3 which will be adapted to the most challenging engines such as those equipped with Start and Stop.

  • Cold start under the worst conditions.
  • Ideal for the most demanding engines.
  • Suitable for engines built with Start and Stop


  • You’re not gonna be able to get the price.
  • Not appropriate for older automobiles or engines with more than 200, 000 kilometers

A few tips on choosing the right engine unit oil for your Audi A3

And to end this content page, we will give you some advice on how to produce good use of the motor oil in your Audi A3, and produce the right choice when you buy it:

    • Take note that an open can of oil should be disposed of after one year and not be used anymore because it loses a good part of its capacity and may ruin your engine unit.
    • Observe the instructions of the oil suppliers and car manufacturers and use only oils compatible with the engine unit of your Audi A3


  • The oil replace intervals announced by the engine unit oil manufacturer are important, do not exceed the mileage indicated on the canister between each oil replace


Whenever you have any further questions about the Audi A3, do not hesitate to consult our Audi A3 category.

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