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At our Audi dealer, we know how exciting it is to get a new car. That's why we want to help make the process as easy as possible. Our Danvers Audi dealer has a team here to guide you through each step of the car-buying journey. Plus, we have a large selection of Audi models to choose from, making it even easier to find the right automobile for your daily needs.

Keep reading to learn about our dealership near Danvers, Massachusetts, and the services we provide to drivers like you. Then, feel free to contact us with any questions or to get started on finding your dream car.

Finding a New Audi Sedan or SUV

Audi Dealer Danvers MA | Audi Peabody (1)Whether you need a car for work, errands, or a weekend excursion, why not get one with lots of style and tech?

With our large collection ofnew Audi models, you're sure to find an impressive one that fits your lifestyle. That's because we carry coupes, sedans, and SUVs like the:

  • Audi A4
  • Audi A5
  • Audi Q5
  • Audi Q7

You can browse through our entire inventory online before heading to our showroom from Danvers, MA. Use the search filters to help easily narrow down your options. Read more about a specific model in our detailed reviews and comparisons. Then, stop by and take some cars for a test drive!

Used & Certified Pre-Owned Audi Models

Your choices aren't limited only to new Audi vehicles. We also carry plenty of used andcertified pre-owned (CPO) Audimodels.

In fact, our CPO cars go through an extensive 300+ point inspection to ensure they're ready for the road ahead. Once each car gets that stamp of approval, they'll come with lots of benefits, like a limited warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance.

Like our new vehicles, you can find all our pre-owned models online. After browsing and finding a few you like, stop by for a test drive to find the right one for you.

Discover the Audi Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

Audi Dealer Danvers MA | Audi Peabody (2)We have a diverse selection of Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at our Audi dealer near Danvers, MA, but you might wonder exactly what sets a CPO model apart from the crowd. All CPO Audi vehicles must meet rigorous manufacturer standards to ensure their quality. Every CPO Audi:

  • Must pass a 300+ point inspection
  • Must be five years old or newer
  • Must have fewer than 75,000 miles on the odometer

These CPO vehicles are tested and manufacturer-approved, so you can have faith in their continued performance. For added assurance, you can browse the included vehicle history report to learn more about a specific vehicle's lifespan, so there are no blank spaces in your model's history.

With your purchase, you'll receive a transferable limited warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance for a full year. These perks will surely promote your peace of mind. A CPO model also brings the fun with a 3-month All Access trial subscription to SiriusXM® included with your purchase, giving you plenty of music and entertainment options for your next trek.

See the difference a CPO Audi makes when you shop now.

Start Shopping From Home With AcceleRide®

There are many things you can buy from home these days. You can order new shoes or that kitchen appliance everyone is raving about, look for a cute outfit to wear when you go out with friends, or find a new Audi. Yes, we said a new Audi. You can buy from home with the help of our AcceleRide® online store.

The next time you're sprawled out on the sofa searching the Internet, you can begin the auto-buying process at your ideal pace. With this simple and user-friendly online buying experience, it only takes a few steps to find your next ride:

  • Select your vehicle
  • Choose your deal
  • Apply for credit
  • Customize your payment terms
  • Schedule delivery

Browse our inventory to find the Audi that catches your eye, then view your payment options and customize your deal. You can use our secure online form to get pre-approved for credit, and if you're interested in a trade-in, you can start the process of selling your car online. Our specialists are only a quick message away if you ever need assistance.

Since we care about your convenience, the team at our Audi dealer near Danvers will happily deliver to local customers. When you've finished customizing your deal, you can select a date and time to pick up your purchase at the dealership or schedule delivery. We'll bring your Audi to your door at a time that works for you.

Buy, sell, and be happy. It's easy to do with AcceleRide®.

Financing an Audi

Audi Dealer Danvers MA | Audi Peabody (3)When it's time to transition from shopping to buying, we'll be with you every step of the way. One of our finance experts will work hard to get the options you're happy with. Whether you choose to buy or lease, we'll reach out to local banks and lenders to get an ideal loan or lease plan.

Plus, we offer lots of handy finance tools on our website you can utilize ahead of time. These include a secure finance application you can fill out toget pre-approved. Also, if you're interested in trading in an automobile, you can use our trade-in tool to get an estimate of its worth. That value can then be used as a down payment, which will help lower your monthly payment.

Top-of-the-Line Service

Last, but certainly not least, there's the crucial element of automotive service. If there's something going on with your Audi, then schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

In our state-of-the-art service center, our techs have access to some cutting-edge tools and technologies. Plus, the staff members themselves have years of experience. With their skills and expertise, they're able to quickly and efficiently get your Audi like new again.

In addition, we offer a comfortable lounge area you can relax in while we work on your Audi. Enjoy some gourmet coffee, complimentary snacks, and free Wi-Fi, and we'll let you know when everything is good to go!

Audi Parts & Accessories

Audi Dealer Danvers MA | Audi Peabody (4)If anything in your Audi needs to be replaced, we'll use a genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part for the job. They're designed specifically for your model, with the fit and finish to preserve its top-quality performance.

If you'd prefer to work on your Audi yourself, then check out the selection available in our parts center. Here, you'll find items like:

  • Brake pads
  • Oil filters
  • Rotors
  • Timing belts

We also have Audi accessories available to purchase to enhance the look and feel of your Audi. Between the carbon fiber mirror caps, 15-spoke alloy wheels, and bike racks, you'll be all ready to go on your next adventure.

To order a part or accessory, either give us a call or fill out our order parts form. Once we receive your order, we'll put the items together and reach out when they're ready to be picked up!

What We Love About Serving Danvers MA

There are lots of ways to have fun in Danvers, MA. You could hitch your bike to the car and head to Endicott Park. With lots of biking trails, along with a barn, orchard, and playground, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

If the weather outside isn't cooperating, then take the kids to the CoCo Key Water Park. This over 65,000-square-foot indoor water park has giant waterslides, cozy cabanas, and more to keep everyone happy.

No matter where you want to visit in the area, the team at our Danvers Audi dealership can help you find the right vehicle to get there.

From a large vehicle selection to expert financing and advanced service, our team has you covered. If you live close to this Essex County town,we'd love to help youfind your ideal Audi near Danvers, Massachusetts.

To get started, stop by our Audi dealership. We look forward to working with you!

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